Monday, August 15, 2016

Author & Journalist

I am an American writer based in Los Angeles who has blogged and written articles about interactive media, film, travel, and environmental issues for The Huffington Post, Billboard, The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles magazine, VFX Voice and other publications. I have also spent long periods of my life in Rio de Janeiro and written extensively about Brazil's music and culture.

John Frazier: Sorcerer of Havoc (VFX Voice)

I pioneered Billboard's coverage of interactive media in my Laser Scans column and news coverage, and co-authored a history of the subject, Entertainment in the Cyber Zone: Exploring the Interactive Universe of Multimedia (Random House).

I took my interest in virtual reality and immersive media further with a satirical science-fiction novel, The Big God Network, that is set in Bali, Brazil, "Pacifica" and "New America," and various virtual worlds.

I have also published two books about Brazilian music: The Brazilian Sound (Temple University Press) and The Brazilian Music Book (a collection of interviews). The Brazilian Sound is now in its 3rd U.S. edition, and has been translated into French, German, Korean and Japanese. I have been interviewed by the BBC, the New York Times, the Associated Press, Radio New Zealand, Japanese television, and NPR about Brazilian music and culture.

In the publicity realm, I have written introductions, liner notes, bios, and/or press releases for Starbucks Music, the Voyager Company, Elektra Records, Columbia Records, Narada Records, and Rhino Records.

my essay celebrating their 10th anniversary

I am also a translator (Portuguese/English) and have worked on translations for Ernst/Young, IBAMA (Brazilian Ministry of the Environment), USAID, Chevron, Vale, Petrobras, Bradesco, TV Globo, SBT, Routledge Books, and many translations of academic papers as well as two books.

 Made in Brazil: Studies in Popular Music

Made in Brazil is one of three books I have translated from the original Portuguese. This was a collection of essays on Brazilian music by Brazilian academics, probably the first such effort published in English.

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