Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Chris McGowan: Translation Work

Chris McGowan is an experienced Portuguese / English translator and editor based in Los Angeles. He has translated academic papers and books, and worked on translation projects for corporations, government agencies and other clients such as:



Araraquara Transmissora de Energia


Centro Alemão de Ciência e Inovação


Ernst & Young

Hotel Urbano

(Brazilian Ministry of the Environment)

National Western Life Insurance


(Santa Casa Misericórdia de Lisboa)



(United States Agency for
International Development)


Yes Brazil

Film & Television

Porta dos Fundos (DVD edition)


TV Globo


The Last Sunsets (Os Últimos Pores-do-Sol)
by A.M. Ben Noach (2012)

Made in Brazil: Studies in Popular Music
by Martha Ulhôa et al
(Routledge Books, 2014)


Mona said...

:) I know exactly which tree which you are talking about! But I had no idea about the various properties of the deodar tree. Thanks for enumerating them here, now I know :)

Jihad said...

i have got two deodar tree in front of my home in kerala, india, but truly i was caring them very little.its really terrific knowledge that u are entered here...

Janell said...

It is a beautiful tree. I have one in my back yard (in the suburbs) that must get cut down because it was not maintained properly. It's heavy branches break when they have snow on them, or with high winds; this makes for unhappy neighbors! If you have a deodar, be sure to get it "wind-sailed" so it can live out it's deserving life!

K K Mishra said...

beautiful writeup

helle said...

It's interesting post and also image. I liked it.

Rudra said...

Very heart-warming and informative article. Thank you

I have a deador cedar in my back yard which I have fallen in love with so now I can feel justified in my infatuation. Apparently I am not the only one

dilip adhikari said...

I was given with a project work on deodar tree and this write up is helping me a lot.
Thank you very much